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Online course “Gender Studies: methods and language”

The online course offered by CIRSDe in 2021/2022 is composed of the video recordings of the lessons from the multidisciplinary seminar “Gender Studies: methods and language”.

The online course “Gender Studies: methods and language” aims to provide useful support for:

Students enrolled in the first years at the University of Turin, as an integration to the traditional course contents and serving as an orientation towards the interdisciplinary dimension of gender studies.
Students close to graduation as theoretical, methodological and disciplinary support for dissertations that deal with or integrate gender perspective.
External users who require university level training in the field of gender studies.


Awarding of university credits (CFUs)

For students enrolled at the University of Turin: the awarding of CFUs for the participation in the online course “Gender Studies: methods and language”, or a part of the course, will have to be discussed by the students directly with the involved professors of the University of Turin.

For external participants not enrolled at the University of Turin: it is currently not possible to earn CFUs nor to receive a certificate of attendance.

CLICK HERE to access the online multimedia course “Gender Studies: methods and language”.  


Last update: 08/05/2024