Master in International Translation

The Master in International Translation is organised by three Departments of the University of Turin (the Department of Culture, Politics and Society, the Department of Law and the Department of Foreign Languages) in collaboration with the University Language Centre (CLA) and the Research Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies (CIRSDe) of the University of Turin, the University Institute of European Studies (IUSE), the TuttoEuropa Training Centre, the Unione Industriale of Turin and the research group IULATERM of the University of Pompeu Fabra (Spain).


The master lasts 1 academic year (from September to June) for a master diploma worth 60 ECTS, including tuition, the internship (6 ECTS) and the writing of the final research paper (6 ECTS).

A maximum of 23 students will be admitted each year, based on curriculum and interview. A maximum of 21 ECTS can be awarded if students possess knowledge and skills from previous experience.


The master in International Translation holds courses (in class and online) on:

  • Intercultural and disciplinary competence: Comparative Law (2 ECTS – online), International Law – Advanced level (1 ECTS), International relations (3 ECTS), Comparative terminology (3 ECTS).
  • Information mining competence: Lab 1 on Research methods (3 ECTS) and Lab 2 on Documentary Research and Monitoring Terminology (3 ECTS – online).
  • Technological competence: Computer Aided Translation (6 ECTS).
  • Managerial competence: Translation as a profession (9 ECTS).
  • Language competence: Specialised translation from FR (3 ECTS) and EN (3 ECTS) into IT and from IT into FR (3 ECTS) and EN (3 ECTS); Specialised translation from DE or ES into IT (3 ECTS) and from IT into DE or ES (3 ECTS).