Guida alla prospettiva di genere nei programmi dell’Università degli Studi di Torino

We have now reached the 25th edition of the “inOLTRE i CORSI” guide. The guide wants to be a useful tool for University students to consult if they feel the need to implement gender perspective in their studies, or even for anyone who wishes to enhance their personal knowledge on the subject. Although our University does not yet offer a Gender/Woman studies based course, the guide looks to be a rich source of material and information on the subject and an opportunity for anyone to approach the matter for the first time.


The Guide is divided in 3 sections:


Section 1

Includes the programs of the courses and seminars regarding gender/women’s studies


Section 2

Includes news related to the interdisciplinary teaching activities promoted by CIRSDe, and its Online course.


Section 3

Includes information regarding CIRSDe, the partner structures and the composition of its organs.